How to Find Biblical Joy When You Battle Depression

Joy is something that God has promised to every believer, but when one is struggling with depression joy can be hard to find. But with God all things are possible! From………….


Why 2 Peter and Jude Matter to You Today

In this article, the author argues that God’s faithfulness in the past and His good promises for the future should inform and energize us in our walk with Christ. From………….

10 Practices to Kill Pride and Enhance Humility

Pride is perhaps the most basic of sins, as it underlies most sins. But humility is the way of Jesus and every believer should aim to be more humble. From………….

The God You Really Believe In Is the One You See on Your Worst Days

One of the points in this article is that how we feel about God on our bad days ( “God hates me,””God is disappointed with me”), is actually an indication of how we truly feel about the Lord. And we can’t improve our understanding of and our attitude toward God until we identify our areas of doubt and weakness. From Grace Life International……….

God Is as Just and Holy as He Is Loving

A very important point: Even our secular culture wants to think of God as only loving. While the Word says that God is love because of the eternal loving communion within the Godhead, the Word also says that God is holy. I believe from these two foundations of love and holiness flow all the other attributes of God, including His justice. Another great article from Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspectives Ministries………