SHALOM IN PSALMS by Jeffrey Seif, Glenn Blank and Paul Wilbur (Baker Books; 2015). Subtitled, “A Devotional from The Jewish Heart of The Christian Faith is somewhat misleading — this book touching on all 150 of the psalms/songs in the Psalter is truly an eye-opening and unique devotional commentary on this most favorite of all biblical books. The three scholars actually work off a brand-new translation of the Bible, the Tree Of Life (TLV) version. Dr. Blank is the literary editor of the TLV translation; Dr. Seif has an MDiv and leads a messianic congregation as well as teaching at university and seminary. And Paul Wilbur, one of the pioneers of the early modern worship music scene is a songwriter and worship leader. These three men who love Jesus their Jewish Messiah, as well as the richness and beauty of the Psalms show themselves to be more than able expositors of the Hebrew terms and ways of thinking, which add so many nuances and color to these most expressive words found in the Psalter. No wonder the Church of Christ have been using the Psalms for over 2000 years to express pains, doubts, confusion, as well as wonderment, awe and praise to the Almighty One. A most unique, entertaining and enlightening book on the Psalms for the average layman would be hard to imagine. Most highly recommended!


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