Is Reading the Bible Morally Equivalent to Watching Game of Thrones? | Stand to Reason

With all the popularity of this show and many online articles referring to it (even Christian blogs and websites), I believe this to be a very thoughtful and reasoned approach to this show or other forms of entertainment that show aspects of life with strong moral implications as being amoral……………….


Source: Is Reading the Bible Morally Equivalent to Watching Game of Thrones? | Stand to Reason


Justice on Earth and Beyond

Mr. Merritt is a good writer, and finds some gems in this section of Ecclesiastes……………….

Life Project Blog

Ecclesiastes 3: 16-22

Our most excellent adventure now examines the state of judgment both here on earth, and in heaven. Before we look at the text, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that we are still within the context set in 2:26, within the thesis I stated a little way back: Satisfaction in this life and thus true happiness can only be found when we are within the will of Almighty God.

As in the last two sections, the Teacher is making an argument, so we must keep this in mind as we read this section on justice. Verse 16 tells of something Solomon has seen “under the sun” so we know that he is again speaking in human terms. The courts of men are corrupt; it was true then and it is true now.

Verse 17 takes us back to a more heavenly view: God will…

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Six Situations That Aren’t Signs That Your Child Isn’t Saved

As a parent of a teenager, I understand the fears and worries that might hit you if your kid doesn’t seem to “act” like a Christian. But this article shows a lot of common sense, as well as compassion for parents who fret over our kids. Take a read! 🙂

The Responsible Puppet

RSCN4589 (2) - Copy

I believe one of the most important considerations a parent can have is whether or not their child is saved. And while we often can’t know with certainty whether or not another person is saved, there are things we can look for.

A while back I posted a list of signs a child isn’t saved. Recently I been thinking about human situations that might cause a parent to fear that the child they thought was saved really isn’t.

So let’s say you have a son or daughter who understands, believes and loves the gospel. You see real spiritual fruit and sanctification in their life and you feel they are walking with Christ.

But there is something going on in their life that makes you doubt their salvation.

Here is a list of real life situations that shouldn’t.

1. He is sinful.
The Bible is clear, we all sin…

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Prosperity Now!

Don’t let the title of this article fool you! Some good stuff here (who wouldn’t want to be more like Daniel?)

Stephen McAlpine


I’ve had a rethink on prosperity. The gospel of prosperity  A major rethink.  It must be cos I’m approaching fifty.  Midlife crisis passed me by, so three quarters it is.

I need the bling.

I need the car.

I need ten seconds in the ring with Conor McGregor this weekend (the 2 million, minus the costs of reconstructive surgery, should easily pay off the mortgage and then get some sharp suits).

Oh, sorry, not that prosperity gospel.  Not the best life now, Teflon Dollar kinda prosperity gospel.  That’s another gospel altogether.  I mean the prosperity gospel as experienced by Daniel at the end of Daniel ch6.

You know the story:  Daniel’s been sidelined for a few years, but as Babylon crumbles, King Belshazzar sees the writing on the wall, calls for Daniel who gives him God’s word. The empire falls, the Medes and Persians take over, and the end of…

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How John Calvin Found Comfort in Regard to His Physical Frailty and Sicknesses: And Application of that to My Cancer Diagnosis and Human Suffering in General

A long article, but especially for folks suffering with chronic pain, it may help to know that you are not being “punished” by God, as evidenced in the life of John Calvin


Source: How John Calvin Found Comfort in Regard to His Physical Frailty and Sicknesses: And Application of that to My Cancer Diagnosis and Human Suffering in General

Moody Reviews: Paul The Apostle by Robert E. Picirilli

A good review of a book that sounds like I should definitely read! 🙂


There is no debate that the most important person in the Bible, Old and New Testaments combined, is Jesus Christ. There is also no debate that the next most important person, second to Christ, is Paul The Apostle. His writings make up most of the New Testament. His missionary trips helped to establish many of the churches in the first century, churches that helped spread the Gospel to the rest of the world, and some that are still here to this day.

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Guest Post: Scripture is How We Know God

I believe that God can speak to us in many, many ways, but let’s not forget His primary way to speak into our lives today is still the Bible. Nice article that refutes the idea that those who revere God’s Word are somehow putting the Bible before direct words from God to us through the Holy Spirit.

The Domain for Truth

This is a guest review by our Michael Coughlin.  He is a friend who reads this blog and his website can be found at here.  Check it out.

Consider this:

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