A TIME FOR CONFIDENCE: Trusting God in a Post-Christian Society

Stephen J. Nichols; Reformation Trust Publishing (2016)

A Time for Confidence by Stephen J. Nichols, addresses the fears and anxieties that Christians may face finding their places in a world that is no longer able to acknowledge the existence of God or the truths of Christianity. With a world that is constantly establishing new norms for behaviors and beliefs that are definitely noted based on biblical principles; and that grows increasingly violent and dangerous on a weekly basis; where are followers of Christ to go to maintain a sense of peace and confidence in our present-day environment? Nichols says that answer is the God of the Bible and His promises in His written Word.

The author argues that Christians have almost always been in the minority in culture for the last 2000-plus years, but the last few years has seen rapid erosion of any positive influences that Christianity might have influenced in Western culture over the past 500 years, especially in western Europe and North America. Nevertheless, historian and scholar Nichols makes a strong case that Christians in the West can still rely on the same promises that the early Christians relied on in the Roman world.

In Chapters Two – Five, Nichols lays out in detail the four reasons/factors that have always formed the basis of the confidence of believers in Christ in a sin-rocked world: God; the Bible; Jesus Christ, and the Gospel. In the final chapter, the author ties all of these facts of the character of God and Christ, the reliability of the Bible and the promises it contains, and the truly Good News that is the Gospel as delivered by Jesus and the Apostles to the church and the world at large.

A Time for Confidence is written for a general audience, and should provide much solid comfort and encouragement to Christians as they strive to live at peace and safety with a hostile and sick world. Pastors will also find much here on which to use in sermons to speak hope to their congregations. A useful and worthwhile resource for any Christian looking for confidence in a rapidly changing, unpredictable world.


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