I like this one from Borrowed Light!!……

Sometimes things feel too heavy. Sacrifice weighs far more than joy and hope and rest. And our bones ache and our souls wither a bit. We were told not to become weary in doing good—but here we are. Weary. I can’t give another inch. I don’t want to be “spilled out as a drink offering”…

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Short but encouraging article on assurance from The Reformed Reader….

Here’s a nice section on faith, the Spirit, the Word, and the Christian’s assurance of salvation. It’s found in volume one of Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics: (Note: if you want to know why the language is somewhat choppy, see below.) “The Holy Spirit… brings us to that point; first, through the Word by making the major premise […]

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I am no expert on sheep or shepherding, but I am a sucker for any and all teachings that involve Jesus as the Great Shepherd!  From Gentle Reformation….

Needing the Good Shepherd

It’s dark, very dark. You’re scared, very scared. Bleak, black, bad describes your circumstance that surrounds. Perhaps it’s due to stress, depression, unemployment or divorce; or maybe crushing disappointment or frightful loneliness; romance now in ruins, failure in a course, business gone bust, and relentless financial pressures all have a casualty list;…

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For us non-Greek readers, here is a nice breakdown from the Greek for Matthew 5:5 from The Domain for Truth……

This is from my daily Greek exercise of sight reading a few weeks ago, courtesy of Vincent S Artale Jr. Our text is from the Greek translation of Matthew 5:5 Here is my translation: “μακάριοι οἱ πραεῖς, Blessed are the gentle ὅτι αὐτοὶ κληρονομήσουσιν τὴν γῆν. ” because they will inherit the earth Here are some […]

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It’s school time again, so here is a timely article from Biblical Viewpoint…..

People pray for their children to be happy, safe, and successful. We eventually learned to pray for God’s intersection into the lives of our children in tangible ways. ◊ The young school girl was devastated when she was rejected by her clique of middle-school friends. She sought comfort from her mother who assured her that […]

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“God’s grace is sufficient (2 Cor. 12:9). It is sufficient for all your needs; it is sufficient regardless of the severity of any one need. The Israelites never exhausted God’s supply of manna. It was always there to be gathered every day for forty years. And you will never exhaust the supply of God’s grace. […]

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I suggest you give this podcast a listen.  Dr. Michelle is a Christian neuropsychiatrist who has gone through the trenches herself!……

We all struggle with pain from our past. Places where brokenness continues to cut deep into the fabric of our soul. This discussion will comfort, equip, and challenge you to keep pressing forward, past brokenness to healing. Join me as author Jennifer Watson shares her story as a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader who…

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