We live in a hostile world.  But Christ has overcome the world!  From From Darkness Into the Light……………..

by Mark Altrogge The Christian life is a race that requires endurance. In my previous post on Hebrews 12:2: I said that as we look to and imitate Jesus, who for the joy set before him endured the cross – we too will endure. And one particular kind of suffering we must endure is hostility from a world hostile to its Creator and […]

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A nice brief teaching on the message of Psalm 123.  From A Pilgrim’s Progress………………

The fourth “song of degrees” begins with the psalmist lifting up his eyes toward his Sovereign who sits in supremacy in the heavens. He compares this act to a servant’s reliance on the strength of his master and owner. He looks toward Yahweh (the eternal, covenant-keeping, caring Redeemer) his Elohim (the Creator and providential Controller). […]

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I want to be more “childlike” (not childish ) in my relationship with the Father.  From Barnabas Piper……………….

Childish and childlike are similar words with vastly different meanings. The former encapsulates all the worst things about children – petulance, immaturity, obnoxiousness, selfishness, and so on. It is antithetical to faith. The latter, though, describes all the beautiful things about children – trust, joy, innocence, curiosity, wonder, forgiveness, and so much more. This word, childlike, is…

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Some practical advice on reducing workplace stress…for women. (Maybe men, too)……

Women are more prone to workplace because of the many roles they play in life: as career woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. Women work way beyond the 9-5 shift, often having to rush home to cook dinner, help the kids with homework, and prepare the next day’s office attire for the hubby. The stress…

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This article from Courageous Christian Father sums up how to help our pets through the Christmas season…………..

This article is part of a feed from Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets, it is best to read it in its full there. Twas The Night Before Christmas Poem For Pets – The Christmas season can be a hectic time with families rushing to get last-minute gifts, preparing for extended-stay guests and…

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Wow.  This is not a Christian article, but is a display of some fantastic illustrations by artist Yaoyao Ma Van As on the joys (mostly) of living as an introvert.  For me and other introverts everywhere!…………………

Yaoyao Ma Van As lived alone for eight years before getting married. She created a gorgeous series of illustrations about the magic of being on her own. The post 25 Gorgeous Illustrations That Perfectly Capture the Joy of Living Alone as an Introvert appeared first on Introvert, Dear.

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This article from Theology Along the Way contains some great quotes from John Newton.  John Newton was an extraordinary Christian and pastor, and I encourage everyone (including myself) to learn more about him and his writings!…………..

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash A couple weeks ago I met with a friend who recommended John Newton’s book, “Letters of John Newton.” John Newton was once a strong advocate for the slave trade and lived a deeply immoral life as a sailor. Through the gospel, Jesus saved John Newton and used his life in a remarkable […]

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Sounds like a good book from Alister McGrath (who is one of my favorite authors).  From Bob on Books……………….

Narrative Apologetics, Alister E. McGrath. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2019. Summary: An argument for and description of narrative approaches to offering a defense for the faith. Most of us, when we think of apologetics, the making of a case for Christian belief, think of approaches that offer arguments or evidences that warrant Christian belief. This has […]

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