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God calls us all to do certain things that require courage (although He doesn’t call us all to do the same things). How do we cultivate it? It’s as simple as when we hear God speaking to us (through His Word, the counsel of others, and in our hearts when we feel a compulsion from the Holy…

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It’s a process…and you can’t circumvent the process!  From From the Darkness Into the Light………..

Do you feel that everyone around you is moving ahead and you are standing still? Does it seem that day in and day out nothing changes, and God has forgotten about you? Beloved. God has not forgotten. He is simply preparing you in the process for something that is bigger than you. And since it […]

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Some good points in this article.  Sometimes we believers, or especially many nonbelievers today, demand a total and exhaustive understanding of something before holding that thing is real or true.  But we should realize there are a trunkload of things we do not understand exhaustively, but still hold as truem and live our lives accordingly. (We don’t understand everything about the force of gravity, but we still will not take a leap off a tall building!). Read this from THINKAPOLOGETICS.COM……………..

Whenever I teach an apologetics class, I always clarify the relationship between faith, doubts, and questions. It is important to remember that asking questions about what you believe is not necessarily the same thing as doubt. For example, when I was a new Christian, I had all kinds of questions. And I still have questions […]

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A good point made in this article: We may be worshipping God, but is the God we worship a “wish fulfillment” of Who we want to God instead of the God presented in the Bible? From Learning From God’s Word……….

The ten commandments don’t begin with “Thou shalt … “. They begin with a statement concerning who God is – “I am the Lord your God” – and what God has done for his people – “I … brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage” (Exodus 20:1). It […]

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I have been looking for ways to consciously worship/pray/connect with God on a more regular and consistent basis.  There are some great ideas along these lines in this article from Adrian Warnock!

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A nice list of music from Spotify that focuses on peace for the Christian.  From Adrian Warnock……………..

Today I wanted to share a Spotify play list that I use often. It is full of calming peaceful relaxing worship music. I often use this to help me get ready to sleep when I are tired out, a bit stressed, or fears and anxiety are gripping me. This is music that God will use…

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When I was writing my book Happiness, I knew that the chapter on “What’s the Difference Between Happiness and Joy?” would likely prove to be one of the most controversial. To verify my assertion that joy and happiness are synonyms, I cited more than one hundred verses in various translations that use joy and happiness…

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Everyone who follows God, from Job, to David, to Jeremiah, to Malachi, to Jesus on the cross, to Peter and Paul, and everyone after the New Testament has asked this question.  It is normal and human to cry out to God when life hurts, but we need to keep focusing on what we already know about our heavenly Father!  From Wrestled Faith……………….

I’ve wrestled with this question a lot…I think that the way we answer this question, has a lot to do with what it means for God to be good. Is God’s goodness defined by the earthly pleasures He gives me? Because then when life is painful, He would not be good. Is His goodness measured […]

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