I have been wanting to read books in this commentary series The Story of God Bible Commentary.  It looks good, and here is a review of the commentary on Joshua from a respected scholar. From Euangelion……………..

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Humans all wish we could just control everything in our lives so we can feel OK. But life does not work like that…and that is the way God wants it!  Take heart.  From Core Christianity via Truth2Freedom’s Blog………………

Chasing Power Physical strength, beauty, wealth, and charisma—these are just a few of the most obvious sources of power we chase. We suspect that those who possess them are the recipients of divine favor, and that those who lack them are the objects of divine displeasure. It should be significant to us that during his […]

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The answer to the question of the article is “All the time. God cannot do anythin that is not good.”  From From the Darkness Into the Light………….

Believers often say, “God is good,” we thank God for His goodness when the life of our love one is spared, when a medical test returned negative, when a job is on the line is saved. But what about when the love one does die, or when the test comes back positive or the job […]

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I am not great at eye contact. But I want to get better!  From Courageous Christian Father………….

You are seeing this because this is coming from a feed. It is best if you read the article in full. Thanks Courageous Christian Father | Eye Contact. Eye Contact – A form of body language that can show respect, but also sometimes can creep people out too. #EyeContact Eye Contact Making Eye contact is…

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You do not need to purchase the particular app mentioned in this article, but you still get to watch a video or listen to a nice podcast if you wish. For times like this (and other times somewhat like this in the future!). From Adrian Warnock…………..

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No Job, No Friends, No Faith

I am a Christian man, and I will be the first to tell you that men have been a source of strife, violence, self-centeredness and just generally awful role models for other men and boys, and a scourge to women and to society in general. While men are totally 100% responsible for their choices and actions, I must be also honest and say that our society and even our churches have done a huge disservice to men in a number of ways.

We know that men have shorter life expectancies than women generally, and now we find that men are even more likely to die from COVID-19 than women. And as bad as this is, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as I fear that the fallout from the economic losses, breakups of marriages and lack of social connection will have long-lasting and devastating effects on men as a whole – but Christian men will not necessarily be immune from this fallout. And Christian men in some ways are even more likely than non-Christian men to be lonely and without any real friends. Brothers, we are slowly dying on the vine! (And that includes myself, because I have not had a close friend since I was in high school — and I am in my 60’s!). I urge Christian men to read this article from Christianity Today, and may God grant us grace to reach out to the lonely and isolated and teach us how to make and keep friends!



How to Connect the Gospel to Being Alone

Some of us struggle with loneliness even in the best of times, but in unusual and socially-isolating times like the lockdown due to the coronavirus it would not be strange for all of us to feel lonely. And some of us feel alone in ways that are dangerous to our hearts, minds and spirits — but take heart! Christ has overcome the world. From RickThomas.net ………………..

How to Connect the Gospel to Being Left Alone