Our Need for Sound Teaching About Jesus

We can never know everything about Jesus, but we should keep adding to our understanding. Toward that end Randy Alcorn has collected some quotes about Jesus from famous Christians throughout history. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries………………….


Communicable Attributes: God is Love so Dwell in Love

The Trinity has been expressing love for all eternity. The marvelous thing is that every believer has been invited to partake in the eternal and perfect love of the Trinity! From Place for Truth…………..

Discovery Challenges Cause of Earth’s Climate Stability

OK. I am not a scientist. But Christians like Hugh Ross are, and he says that instead of getting all bent out of shape about climate change, we need to instead look at the miraculous ways that climate for the earth and the existence of advanced human civilizations have been amazing stable for the last 9000 years or so. And atheistic explanations do not take into account how unlikely this situation would be without some outside supernatural intervention. From Dr. Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe…….

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