IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS: A Treasury of Insights on Our Savior, Lord and Friend by Randy Alcorn (Harvest House Publishers; 2020)

This book by well-known author Randy Alcorn is a collection of impactful and insightful comments and quotes by various people throughout history on the Person of Jesus Christ. Jesus of Nazareth is the most important person who has ever lived, and as such, Alcorn argues, it is important that we understand who Jesus was and is, and why He has had the effect on the world that He has had.

Using a mixture of pertinent Scripture passages and numerous quotes from both Christians and famous people throughout history, Alcorn examines important aspects of Jesus in four categories: (1) The nature, attributes and characteristics of Jesus as fully God and fully human; (2) The life and ministry of Jesus on earth; (3) The names and titles of Jesus; and (4) What Jesus taught and how He interacted with His disciples.

In this 300-page book, the reader will find perhaps one of the best collections in one place of the comments and quotations of both the famous and the believers in God on the unique person and life of Jesus. Highly recommended!


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