AN INFINITE JOURNEY by Andrew M. Davis (Ambassador International; 2014)

An Infinite Journey is written by author and pastor Andrew Davis. Davis also heads up a ministry called Two Journeys, which focuses on the two journeys of the Christian life, which are the outward journey of the advancement of the gospel message and the inward journey toward sanctification. This book, obviously, focuses on this vital inward journey for every Christian.

Davis begins this book by making the case that sanctification is always tightly bound up with justification — indeed, sanctification is only possible after we have been justified and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Then, the majority of the book covers the aspects of the believer that grow and mature in sanctification: knowledge, faith, character, and actions. As Davis delves into each of these aspects that set believers apart from the world, he draws upon his experiences and skills honed over years as a pastor and seminary professor. The result is a book on what could be an overwhelming subject to one that lovingly and encouragingly draws readers to better understand spiritual growth and then to actively desire it and pursue it.

It is sad that more churches do not make sanctification more of an emphasis and provide more specific directions and exhortations toward growth. But this book does a very admirable job in filling this gap and is approachable for any believer in any stage of their Christian walk. Highly recommended!!


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