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This article makes a great point with the incident of the two disciples who spoke with the Lord on the road to Emmaus. After they realized they had been speaking with the risen Christ, they also connected to the fact that their hearts “were burning within them” as He opened the Scriptures to them. If we are downcast in spirit, then we need to get into the Word! From Two Journeys……….

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Perseverance, Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth (James 1:1–5)

From this brief commentary from the resource The Theology of Work Bible Commentary, it definitely appears that the Epistle of James can be very useful in the workplace! From The Theology Of Work Project……………………

How Do We Interpret Old Testament Narrative?

I really enjoyed this brief but informative article. Here is the takeaway for me: “OT narrative is first and foremost about God: his holiness, grace, salvation and justice.” From Overflow Chat…………….

4 Reasons Christians Might Wrongly Distinguish Between Happiness and Joy

Author and pastor Randy Alcorn wrote a book a while back on happiness in which he made the point that, unlike what we hear in a lot of sermons and read in a lot of Christian books, happiness is not an inferior feeling and emotion to joy. Alcorn believes they are really one and the same thing. He goes into a little more depth in this article. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries……………….

The 3 Transcendentals: Truth, Goodness, & Beauty

Philosophy throughout the ages have pondered truth, goodness, and beauty, but only Christianity can only fully define and explain these transcendent truths. From Reflections…………..


What is real? What is right? What is lovely? Human beings ask these kinds of questions because we long for at least three things:truth, goodness, and beauty.

Prominent philosophers through the centuries have called these three cosmic values transcendentals.Atranscendentalrefers to something that exists beyond the time-space-matter world. It is a universal reality that extends beyond our everyday sensoryexperiences and is thus considered nonphysical, immaterial, conceptual, or even spiritual. In philosophy, the transcendental relates to and seeks to describe the nature of reality or being. Therefore, one may think of these values as timeless universals and attributes of being.

In this introductory article I’ll briefly describe how the three transcendentals oftruth, goodness, andbeautywere viewed in the classical world. Then I’ll show how Christian civilization accommodated them as truths of general revelation and grounded them in the nature of the triune God.

Classical Civilization’s View of…

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How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

Having a quality and effective quiet time is like the difference between eating junk food and eating a hearty, home-cooked meal — a healthy quiet time will feed your soul and spirit much better than glancing at a couple of Bible verses on your way out the door! From………

Overcoming Hopelessness with Hope — Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Yes, you defeat being hopeless by becoming hopeful. But to be hopeful, you have to obtain and then incorporate God’s truth! From Dr. Michelle Bengtston and Hope Prevails………………

We all have those times when the stresses of this world seem overwhelming and we begin to wonder which side is up. When hard times come, we can overcome hopelessness by fixing our eyes on God’s promises rather than on personal circumstances. How do you do that? Sheryl Turner shares about a “truth tool” she…

Overcoming Hopelessness with Hope — Dr. Michelle Bengtson