Your Personal Relationship with God Matters

When people ask, “Why are you hopeful in the midst of this world, with all of the suffering and evil that goes on and all of the things that are happening to you?” they don’t want to hear merely about a great God. They don’t want to hear merely about redemptive history, an infallible book, or a covenant people who are a constant testimony to the real hand of God in history. They want to know what’s happening to you, what’s going on in your life. You are saying, “He is my fortress, he is my deliverer.” So they’re going to want to know when the last time he delivered you was. What does deliverance mean? How does this really work? Sharing the good news is often about sharing the personal good news of your life in Christ and not the abstract and generalized good news. They want to hear about your personal relationship to this personal God, who is the foundation of all of reality.

From The Allure of Gentleness: Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus. Copyright © 2015 by Dallas Willard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of HarperCollins Publishers.


2 thoughts on “Your Personal Relationship with God Matters — Dallas Willard

  1. There is nothing abstract or impersonal about the God of the Universe taking on a human nature, living the life I could not live, dying in my place, being raised and imputing His righteousness to me by the gift of faith. Christ is the object of my faith. He saves me. How did he redeem me- like he did all of his people. He added me into HIS story- He is not a second dart actor in mine. My transformed life means nothing outside of Christ alone. It’s rubbish and the equivalent of all other religions, moralism.


    1. Please go back and read again. Willard is not saying God is abstract; his point is that our own journey with God and what Jesus means to us makes more of a kingdom impact than a dry presentation of the gospel.


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