Are You Living for Today, or Do You Also Have Eternity in Mind? — Sparkling Gems from the Greek

This article focuses on 2 Peter 3:11, which comes right after Peter’s description of the end of time. Knowing what lies ahead, how should that effect how we live today? From………….

What the Church Today Needs to Hear from the Book of Revelation

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Do You Live as If the Next World Is Your Home?

The older I get, the more I think about the New Heaven and the New Earth —- even though I am about as old as dirt! But for even young people who are focusing more on how to be successful and blessed in this world, this article encourages everyone to put more of their thoughts and hopes and prayers in the next life. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries…………..

Framing the Book of Revelation from the Beginning

A lot of people have been scared off from studying the Book of Revelation because of some of the difficulties and variations to its interpretation. But it is not impossible to understand for its main teachings and it comes with its very own promise of blessing for all who read it. The following provides a framework for understanding this very important and encouraging section of Scripture. From Knowable Word………..

4 Reasons We Should Study the Book of Revelation

I think many people avoid reading and studying the Book of Revelation because of its strangeness and the many controversies over its meaning in church history. But this article by Bible teacher Nancy Guthrie states the case that blessings are to be had from reading this wonderful book of the New Testament! From…………………….