What Is God’s Promise to Abraham and Why Is It So Significant?

This article takes a thorough look at a very important topic in both the Old and New Testaments — God’s promise to Abraham (and by extention, to his spiritual seed). Here is a tidbit: “The Abrahamic Covenant is remarkable in its disclosure of how God will move from an otherwise insignificant band of Semitic peoples, to a land in turmoil, to a nation, to a spiritual realization of the covenant that will bring forth the Messiah, and descendants of Abraham that include the entire world.” From Crosswalk.com…………………….



Abraham is called “our father in the faith.” Yet, like us, he had his moments.  But Abraham also showed faith when it really counted!  Read this article and be encouraged!  From Mary E. White Ministries………………….

Good morning! This is a repost from August 2017 from Hebrews chapter 11. Chapter 11 has taken us through a few examples of people who demonstrated faith. Before you begin reading, think back on a post from earlier this week where I asked, “What are you believing God for?” Pray about that one thing, before […]

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