God Is as Just and Holy as He Is Loving

A very important point: Even our secular culture wants to think of God as only loving. While the Word says that God is love because of the eternal loving communion within the Godhead, the Word also says that God is holy. I believe from these two foundations of love and holiness flow all the other attributes of God, including His justice. Another great article from Randy Alcorn and Eternal Perspectives Ministries………



What is Time?

I can sometimes get lost in thinking about things that are too marvelous for me. But these kinds of topics always bring me around to the awesome majesty and beauty of God! From TableTalk Magazine………………

Communicable Attributes: God is Love so Dwell in Love

The Trinity has been expressing love for all eternity. The marvelous thing is that every believer has been invited to partake in the eternal and perfect love of the Trinity! From Place for Truth…………..

Communicable Attributes: Covenant Love & Faithfulness

Another in a series of articles on the attributes of God. This time — God’s faithfulness and His covenant love. From Place for Truth…………….