4 Things We Learn from Jesus’ Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Since most of us have little direct experience with sheep and goats we may miss some of the teaching to be found in Jesus’s parable of the sheep and goats. Here is some help! From BibleStudyTools.com………


Regeneration Is Monergistic — Already Not Yet

Here is the good part about God giving us the grace and faith to believe on Christ….dead people cannot decide to not be dead. If they are dead, then they need something (or Someone) outside of themselves to make them alive. And if you have any thoughts toward wanting to know God or wanting to believe that the whole thing about Christ dying for yu is true, that is because God is bringing your dead spirit to life! Please respond to Him when He is knocking! From Already, Not Yet…………………..

Steven Lawson: There may be no truth in the Bible more deeply loved and greatly cherished than the subject of the new birth. Here is the grace-centered message of a new beginning for those whose lives have been ruined by sin. Here is the life-changing truth that sinful men can be made new. When the new […]

Regeneration Is Monergistic — Already Not Yet