Contentment Comes from the Blessing of Disappointment

The Apostle Paul had a good deal to say about the value and goal of having contentment. This article helps to understand this way of life from a biblical standpoint. From……………

Strength for Christian Contentment

“What is Christian contentment? I would define it as a settled condition of peacefulness and happiness in whatever God has willed to be our portion. It is an act of faith, of trust in the sovereignty of God and in His essential goodness for us. It is a cheerful resignation to God’s superior wisdom, His higher plans and purposes. It rests entirely on God’s character and promises.” From Two Journeys……………

Adversity Is the Condition That Teaches You Contentment

The New Testament teaches that godly contentment is a great virtue/skill that is to be sought after for all believers. It is more than being “happy” despite any circumstances. I believe it is more like what is expressed in the great hymn “It is Well With My Soul.” Here is a great article on contentment from……………………..

If You’re Easy To Please, You’ll Be Pleased More Often —

This might make some people say, “Well, duh.” But think about it. I know some men with housewives expect a hot cooked meal when they get home, and not leftovers. Well, if you don’t expect such things from your wife and are happy with a nice ham and cheese sandwich, then you will the kind of person who tends to be more pleased most of the time than someone who can only be pleased in very specific ways. From…………………

“You’re easy to please” should be a compliment. That’s what I think, even though I know it isn’t used that way. I know the people saying it usually mean that you’re undiscerning, childish, and too quick to give approval where it isn’t warranted. What I want to know is: What are you supposed to be […]

If You’re Easy To Please, You’ll Be Pleased More Often —

Finding Happiness (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:6) — DashHouse

The article tells us the key to happiness for the believer is humble obedience and contentment. Not easy, but do-able with the help of the Holy Spirit! From DashHouse………………..

Big Idea: Don’t try to find happiness in religion, power, and money. Find joy in humble obedience and contentment. I’ve got some good news for you today: God wants you to be happy. I really believe that. That is so different from what I used to believe: that following God meant walking away from happiness…

Finding Happiness (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:6) — DashHouse