Overcoming Retirement Fears

This is a really great article that is ostensibly about not letting your fears about retirement overwhelm you, but it has a lot of other applications! Here is the money quote for me: “Trust God, but row away from the rocks.” From Retirement Stewardship……………………..


BOOK REVIEW: Strength for the Weary

STRENGTH FOR THE WEARY by Derek Thomas (Reformation Trust Publishing; 2018)

This book by pastor and scholar Dr. Derek Thomas looks at the problem of weariness in life, and how to find the strength and hope everyone needs at some points in our lives. Using selected passages from the last half of the Book of Isaiah, Thomas writes short, devotional-style chapters that addresses the ways that weariness can cause believers to worry, fear and doubt about life and God. But the author reminds Christians that God has promised to be with us through life, and to give us strength and grace in our trials. As one reads these reflections on some of the most encouraging passages in the entire Bible, you will become more energized, better able to place temporary difficulties and plain old being worn out into proper perspective. Thomas calls his readers to reach out to God and let Him provide the energy and ability to tackle a new day. Highly recommended!
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A free online seminar on anxiety and the Christian. This Friday!  From Counseling One Another…………….

Anxiety has always been a common problem but now it’s at an all-time high, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, though it’s been scheduled since last fall, the Lord’s providential timing for an online seminar this week could not be better! This Friday, April 17th (7:00-8:30pm EST), I’ll have the privilege of teaching a live…

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It might be easy to forget that everybody around the world is in the midst of the same crisis!  But here is some encouragement from the UK.  From The Prayer Place…….

How quickly things change! Here in the UK, winter has been slowly slipping away and the prospect of warmer weather is on the horizon. Many of us were planning for the summer, but all of a sudden, life looks very different. Around the world, tourism has ground to a halt, borders are closing, hospitals are […]

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