A Sacrifice of Thanks | Christian Gratitude | Psalm 50:23

This article reminds us that we should foster a mindset of being grateful to God in all circumstances. From Two Journeys…………..


A Year Without a Summer?

There really was a “year without a summer,” and it happened in 1816 because of a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia. This caused world-wide changes and adjustments, and that included the Church. Now, we might be facing another “year without summer,” yet we can not only survive, but also pivot, rearrange, and show our best for Christ. A good article from Andy Crouch……………..


This article drives home the fact that Joy is a decision, much like love.  From Counseling One Another……………….

Joy is a settled state of mind and heart produced by the Holy Spirit, resulting in contentment and hope-filled confidence in God’s trustworthy character and good purposes. It’s a settled state, not a passing feeling, of mind and heart; that is, it involves thoughts and affections. Joy is produced by the Spirit, not cranked up…

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Here is an article that presents some evidence from neuroscience to back up the biblical admonition to live in an “attitude of gratitude.”  From KevinCarson.com……………..

Gratitude An empirical study demonstrates many of the potential benefits of being grateful. This news of course is not surprising but a welcomed or friendly study. What we already know as Christ-followers, the Bible encourages, commends, admonishes, and challenges us over and over to be grateful. Here’s a small sample: The Biblical Command: Be Grateful…

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