Common Christian Myths About Happiness

We’ve probably all heard the statement, “God is more concerned with you being holy than being happy.” Well, why can’t we be holy AND happy? Here is what Randy Alcorn has to say on the subject. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries…………………..

4 Reasons Christians Might Wrongly Distinguish Between Happiness and Joy

Author and pastor Randy Alcorn wrote a book a while back on happiness in which he made the point that, unlike what we hear in a lot of sermons and read in a lot of Christian books, happiness is not an inferior feeling and emotion to joy. Alcorn believes they are really one and the same thing. He goes into a little more depth in this article. From Eternal Perspectives Ministries……………….

Finding Happiness (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:6) — DashHouse

The article tells us the key to happiness for the believer is humble obedience and contentment. Not easy, but do-able with the help of the Holy Spirit! From DashHouse………………..

Big Idea: Don’t try to find happiness in religion, power, and money. Find joy in humble obedience and contentment. I’ve got some good news for you today: God wants you to be happy. I really believe that. That is so different from what I used to believe: that following God meant walking away from happiness…

Finding Happiness (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:6) — DashHouse