It’s Always Morning Somewhere

Scripture, as well as our own emotions, tell us that mornings are times of hope. Thus, the title of this article! Take hope, my friends. From A View of the Lake…………….


Overcoming Hopelessness with Hope — Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Yes, you defeat being hopeless by becoming hopeful. But to be hopeful, you have to obtain and then incorporate God’s truth! From Dr. Michelle Bengtston and Hope Prevails………………

We all have those times when the stresses of this world seem overwhelming and we begin to wonder which side is up. When hard times come, we can overcome hopelessness by fixing our eyes on God’s promises rather than on personal circumstances. How do you do that? Sheryl Turner shares about a “truth tool” she…

Overcoming Hopelessness with Hope — Dr. Michelle Bengtson

This is a mindset and strategy that separates the “men from the boys” in the Christian life — to keep our focus on heavenly things and the hope of eternity in the midst of our life now. From Rick Thomas………………..

There are many benefits to living in our world, and you should not feel guilty about these good things. However, we can become so accustomed to “our way of life” that when something disrupts our expectations, it can dismantle us. It’s precisely in these moments… Continue Reading … The post How to Experience Future Glory…

via How to Experience Future Glory In Present Difficulties — Rick Thomas