10 Practices to Kill Pride and Enhance Humility

Pride is perhaps the most basic of sins, as it underlies most sins. But humility is the way of Jesus and every believer should aim to be more humble. From Cossway.com………….



Sometimes the Best Explanation Is ‘Forgive Me’

When we are confronted by another for an obvious sin toward them — like speaking harshly to a spouse or child — rather than give excuses and explanation, this article submits we should rather say, “Please forgive me.” From blogger Tanner Kay………………………..

And Lo, the Kingdom of God is Like a Terrible Football Team – FaithGateway

How can you not love this article from Brant Hansen? He makes you laugh and tear up at about the same time! From Faith Gateway……….

My son is like me. He’s not much into athletics. But we signed him up for a flag-football league when he was in sixth grade. My wife told me the league needed someone to coach my son’s team, the Rams, and I told her, point-blank, I would not be doing it. I know nothing abouta href=’https://www.faithgateway.com/and-lo-the-kingdom-of-god-is-like-a-terrible-football-team/’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: And Lo, the Kingdom of God is Like a Terrible Football Team – FaithGateway