A Tip for Serving Your Waiter

I have heard so many stories over the years of how wait staff at restaurants hate to serve Christians because they are so rude and poor tippers. This article encourages us to take up these opportunities to be winsome ambassadors for Christ. From Stand to Reason………


Are You Conveying the Loveliness of Christ to Your Kids?

I think this is a really lovely and encouraging article — but not just for parents. The New Testament teaches that we are drawn to Jesus and thus to the Father, through His kindness and gentleness. From Crossway…………….

A Year Without a Summer?

There really was a “year without a summer,” and it happened in 1816 because of a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia. This caused world-wide changes and adjustments, and that included the Church. Now, we might be facing another “year without summer,” yet we can not only survive, but also pivot, rearrange, and show our best for Christ. A good article from Andy Crouch……………..


Some good reminders that God can still us, even in self-isolation!  From Gentle Reformation……………

Many of us are confined to our homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. We feel fettered or at least hindered. What can we do? The Apostle Paul spent two years in Rome under house arrest. Inconveniently fettered, he was nevertheless incredibly fruitful in Jesus Christ. Though our circumstances are not identical, we can glean much…

via Paul: Fettered but Fruitful — Gentle Reformation

Brothers and sisters, Christians who blog (or just in social media ) should not be hunting for the “unrighteous” or “correcting” a “deluded and misinformed” fellow Child of God!  More on this at From Darkness Into the Light………………….

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