Over time, this pandemic will teach us all a lot of things about ourselves and our world. But one thing that screams out to me is that I am not in control (of anything!). But apparently a lot of people have not learned this (and that is why there are so many battles over wearing masks?). Frankly, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to give control over to God!! A good article on this from New Growth Press blog………………

Do Not Fear, Our Security Rests in God’s Control

This world has always been too crazy for us to handle all on our own….but even more so now!  Take heart from this article! From The Reformed Life…………….

We are living in a very unique time. We have to wear masks to enter into stores, certain supplies are always off the shelves, playgrounds are covered in material to prevent children from playing, and everyone has a fear of getting too close to others in the city. Fear might be the word to describe […]

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A Year Without a Summer?

There really was a “year without a summer,” and it happened in 1816 because of a huge volcanic eruption in Indonesia. This caused world-wide changes and adjustments, and that included the Church. Now, we might be facing another “year without summer,” yet we can not only survive, but also pivot, rearrange, and show our best for Christ. A good article from Andy Crouch……………..

You do not need to purchase the particular app mentioned in this article, but you still get to watch a video or listen to a nice podcast if you wish. For times like this (and other times somewhat like this in the future!). From Adrian Warnock…………..

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A free online seminar on anxiety and the Christian. This Friday!  From Counseling One Another…………….

Anxiety has always been a common problem but now it’s at an all-time high, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, though it’s been scheduled since last fall, the Lord’s providential timing for an online seminar this week could not be better! This Friday, April 17th (7:00-8:30pm EST), I’ll have the privilege of teaching a live…

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