What does it mean to pray ‘Your Will Be Done?’

This is really an excellent article! Did you know that God has three kinds of “wills”? It’s true, and this article will explain how to discover those “wills” as you pray. From Unlocking the Bible…………….



This article tackles the question of whether there is one “God’s will” for each of us, and if so, can we miss God’s plan for us through some ignorance or poor choice of ours? Here is a takeaway for me: “The reality is that we cannot fall short of God’s best for us. We cannot walk off the path that God has laid out for us. Everything that happens is, in fact, God’s plan and God’s best.” From Building Jerusalem……………………..

God’s Sovereignty and Human Choice: The Examples of Paul, Elisha, and Daniel

In this article, Randy Alcorn gives some quick examples of how God’s sovereignty works “hand-in-hand” with the choices that people freely make, so that God remains truly sovereign over all people and history, yet people also have true freedom of choice. We don’t have to understand all of this divine mystery, just appreciate the awesomeness of God! From Eternal Perspectives Ministries……………

10 Key Bible Verses on God’s Sovereignty

Out of all of God’s wonderful attributes, I believe this particular attribute/fact is the most reassuring for me. Here is a collection on Bible passages that focus on this fact from Crossway……………………

Discovery Challenges Cause of Earth’s Climate Stability

OK. I am not a scientist. But Christians like Hugh Ross are, and he says that instead of getting all bent out of shape about climate change, we need to instead look at the miraculous ways that climate for the earth and the existence of advanced human civilizations have been amazing stable for the last 9000 years or so. And atheistic explanations do not take into account how unlikely this situation would be without some outside supernatural intervention. From Dr. Hugh Ross and Reasons to Believe…….

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A silver lining from the pandemic….if you are Christian under the illusion that you are in control and God’s job is simply to bless our efforts, then you now know this is nor biblical! From Biblical Training via From The Darkness Into the Light………..

When things are going well, it’s easy for us to think that we’re in control. We’re healthy. We have money in the bank. We go to a good job with prospects for growth. We have a happy spouse and children. And then a microscopic virus hits and brings the entire world to its knees. I […]

via Human Frailty and Divine Power — From The Darkness Into The Light