Context Matters: God’s Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways

Usually when Christians paraphrase this quote from Isaiah, we mean that God’s ways of working are sometimes beyond our ability to understand. While that thought is certainly true, this article gives an additional perspective on this phrase in its context from all of Isaiah 55. From Knowable Word……….


Isaiah: Judgment and Deliverance

The Book of Isaiah is a hugely important book in the Bible, and this article gives an excellent overview of it. Here is a tidbit: “Just think: Without Isaiah, we wouldn’t have Immanuel, a voice crying in the wilderness, the sting of death, the root of Jesse, proclamation of good news to the poor, a bruised reed he will not break, light for the Gentiles, every knee shall bow, how beautiful are the feet that bring good news, go out from their midst, a house of prayer, or the earth is my footstool. Without Isaiah, we wouldn’t have a breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, new heavens and new earth, he gave himself for our sins, by his wounds you are healed, the suffering servant, a ransom for many, the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world….” From Knowable Word……….

The 5 Movements in Isaiah

The Book of Isaiah is one of my very favorite books in all of the Bible, and is very rich in theology. It is the most quoted Old Testament book in the New Testament, but for those of us who are outside of the Jewish culture and unfamiliar with the ancient Israelite history, it can be overwhelming to understand the contemporary aspects of the prophecy. This article does a great job in organizing the book in a way that makes a lot of sense! From The Gospel Coalition……………..