What God Can Make from a Shattered Life

This is a most excellent article for anyone who suffers in this life. Eventually, if we do not give into despair, there is a future awaiting us that will undo the damages of this life. From Desiring God…………..



Why We Should Embrace Trials

I write a lot about suffering and trials for a few reasons. Some of those reasons are that we will ALL face trials (from the very lips of Jesus!), and that the Bible — especially the New Testament — emphasizes enduring trials as one of the main ways that God grows our faith and draws us closer to Him. Here is another good article from Theology & Life………..

Would a Loving God Purposely Wound Us Through Trials?

If your child fell out of a tree and needed to get his broken arm set and put in a cast, would you do it, even though your child will cry and scream? Well, God is a wholly good Parent, and so sometimes we go through pain for a greater good. Another great article from Randy Alcorn (who knows a lot of suffering and trials personally!)…………………


This article provides a little peek into small-town America and COVID-19. But God is in the country as well as in the city!  From Your Mom Has a Blog……………..

Emerald ran into the kitchen with a bright orange and pink Barbie hammock hooked over both ears, covering her face and mouth like a medical mask. I could see her eyes crinkling at the corners, so I knew she was grinning underneath. It struck me as so very strange, a seven-year-old child’s game centering on…Read…

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We say we believe this — except when something bad happens to us. But it is still true! From DashHouse……………..

Big Idea: Let this crisis teach you that God is sovereign, life is hard, you are mortal — and that you can cry out to him. Two weeks ago, my brother-in-law posted a message in our private family group: Hey Family, I don’t want anyone to panic but I can tell you that most employers…

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A great examination of Romans 8:28!  From Randy Alcorn’s Blog……………….

Is it possible to overuse a verse of Scripture? Certainly it is easy to misuse a verse, and in the process be robbed of its true riches. Romans 8:28 is one of the best known verses in the whole Bible: “All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called…

via Romans 8:28 May Be Often-Quoted and Even Misused, But May We Never Grow Tired of Its Precious Truth — Randy Alcorn’s Blog