Suffering: Our Greatest Teacher to Stronger Faith

Sometimes I have questioned the Apostle Paul and his exhortations to enter into Christ’s ministry of suffering. But if I am honest, my trials and difficulties have always strengthened my faith and my worship of God. From Servants of Grace…………



I know that I should give my worries to Jesus, and I really do try to do that, but I often just wind up reaching back for my worries a few minutes or hours later afterwards! How to stop? This article doesn’t exactly answer that hard question, but it does exhort us to not look to take those worries away from Jesus once they are handed over! From Core Christianity……………..

Be Anxious For Nothing, Pray About Everything

One of the reasons I get anxious is either because I think there is something I must do to handle a situation, or because I don’t know what to do. But for the Christian, the very best thing we can do with our anxiety is to pray. When you have poured out your concerns to the God of the universe, and then trust your heavenly Father to attend to your concerns, what more can a child of God do? From Christian Crier……………