Life in The Presence of God: Practices for Living in Light of Eternity by Kenneth Boa (IVP Books; 2017)

Ken Boa is a prolific and most eloquent author in his former books, and Life in The Presence of God upholds those characteristics in spades. The theme if the book is to try to be a more practical and accessible resource to help Christians truly experience the presence of God on a daily and ongoing basis. Boa takes his inspiration from famous writers of the past who wrote about their own struggles to achieve a vital and ongoing sense of God’s presence; such as Brother Lawrence, Frank Laubach, and Thomas Kelly. Boa states that while these writings have much value to them for inspiration, they all lack one very vital element —- how to actually put into practice the disciplines and choices needed to draw closer to God and to have His presence as a normal occurrence in the life of believers. The author aims in this book to correct that problem and to try to focus on small and simple steps that grow gradually moe involved and fulfilling one time and consistent practice.

The book is divided into two parts: Part One provides the biblical basis for believers to strive for a near-constant awareness of God and His closeness; and Part Two provides the steps and building blocks to achieving greater awareness of God. Boa mentions the growing body of knowledge of his the brain works — how it remembers, how habits are formed, and the plasticity of the brain to learn or relearn tasks. Thus, the majority of the book shows how once can rewire their brain, learn to see the world through God’s eyes, reorganizing your time to make learning these skills a priority, the importance of confession and repentance to do away with any blocks in relating to God, and the very great importance that community has in helping us to shape our abilities to see ourselves and others through God’s viewpoint.

This book is written in an accessible and engaging manner, as Boa shares insightful experiences and anecdotes to strengthen his case. The book also allows readers access to online training guides. Boa is a most entertaining, yet deeply spiritual and practical all at once. This book is highly recommended for anyone who has despaired of their lack of closeness with God, and given real hope and tools to live in this world as a subject of the Kingdom of God.


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